CU Succeed® – Ages 13 to 17

Freestone Credit Union offers our teens ages 13 to 17 a new website to help them understand more about financial topics.  Newsletters will also be sent out to all our teen members to help give them the information and tools they will need to understand and manage their financial future.  By the age of 18, most teens will have already established their first savings and checking accounts.  Many will get their first auto loan between 18 and 22, and plenty will get their first credit card.

Freestone Credit Union would like to help equip these young people with skills to help them budget and use their funds responsibly.  Our service representatives are here to answer any questions they may have and assist them with their accounts, loans and credit or debit cards as well as how to use the internet to monitor all their accounts and services before they go off to college or out into the job market.

Establishing good credit is important for young people and it is very important to monitor their credit reports and accounts for identity theft.

Regulation D affects your ability to withdraw funds from a savings account. 
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